What is Vibration Training?

Whole body vibration was first used by the cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. Regardless of fitness levels, whole body vibration (WBV) training can provide a host of impressive health benefits while reducing workout times, improving the effectiveness of warm-ups and cool-downs and increasing the intensity of conventional exercises such as squats and planks.

WBV training can also help improve bone strength and general health, and when used correctly, has many known health benefits, and a few lesser known ones. For example, whole body vibration can be used for training, balance and injury recovery.

How – The Science

The vibrating platform stimulates your muscles, improves the flow of lymph, decreases blood pressure and increases blood circulation and oxygenation. Vibration training destabilizes the body and promotes the reflexive engagement of soft tissue. Involuntary muscle activity promotes quick, reflexive responses in muscle fibers resulting in an increase in circulation. Put simply, this means the development in whole–body balance, mobility and stability, strength and motor control (muscle memory),occurs in a shorter time frame than with more traditional methods.

Power Plate technology uses a vibrating platform, which moves 25 to 50 times per second, resulting in corresponding muscle activation. The vibrations are harmonic, which are safe, consistent and controlled levels of vibration, moving in three directions (up and down, forwards/backwards and side to side). ” “ Some whole-body vibration (WBV) machines provide only side-to-side motion, giving you a “wobble board” effect.

Dr Mercola, New York Times, Best-Selling Author – Why Use Vibration Training?

People of all ages and physical abilities use vibration training to bring their bodies into harmony—the place where optimal physical performance, health and wellness are all in balance and working together. In fact, vibration training has been linked to a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation, pain reduction, detoxification, stress alleviation, and even a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

What makes vibration training so appealing?

  • Ease of use – With its quick-start functionality and numerous workouts on the Power Plate App even exercise beginners can use Power Plate.
  • Faster workouts – 30 minutes or less on a Power Plate gives you the same if not better results than spending 1.5 hrs in the gym.
  • Promotes weight-loss – With increased intensity, you will burn more calories in less time than if you performed the same exercise on the ground.
  • Reduces pain and improves recovery – It’s massage function can relieve pain points and aid recovery after long exercise sessions.

Who Benefits From Vibration Training?

Vibration training is used by professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios and individuals around the globe. Along with delivering great performance for individuals and fitness facilities, doctors in nearly 100 countries use WBV to help their patients live life to the fullest. Decades of research have shown that whole body vibration can effectively treat symptoms of conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, to diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and locomotive syndrome, brought about by aging. There is a wealth of evidence-based practice (published white papers) that supports vibration technology’s ability to safely enhance human health and performance. There is an even greater body of practice-based evidence showing that it works for operators, professionals, and end-users alike. NASA, NFL, NBA, MLB, premier league world cup teams, Olympic associations, universities, medical institutions and the world’s best health clubs, use vibration training – all with the goal of driving performance and producing better results.

The Results

Exercising on a vibrating platform causes your muscles to contract 25 to 50 times a second. Unlike other forms of exercise which work on only about 40% of your muscle fibers, WBV training works on up to 90% of your muscle fibers, helping to strengthen and develop more muscle tissue and leading to increased muscle density and strength. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved balance, coordination and posture, and increased bone density along with many other health benefits including: 

  • Improved muscle strength, balance and coordination 
  • Increased production of helpful hormones 
  • Improved immune function 
  • Boosted metabolism 
  • Stronger joints

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