What Does a Lifestyle & Behavior Modification Coach Do?

As a lifestyle & behavior modification coach, Dr. James Bach helps patients learn new approaches to daily challenges. Understanding current lifestyle choices and the effect they have on the individual is an underlying factor that is often overlooked by the individual themself. Once someone can see themselves more clearly, they can make more-informed decisions on how they choose to live their lives. Asking how is it possible to set and accomplish goals, why are people drawn to unhealthy foods or actions, why are certain days better than others, why do personal relationships fail, and why don’t things smoothly- are all topics that are addressed during our coaching sessions… not to mention physical challenges that contribute to overall human improvement.

How Is Dr. James Different?

Dr. Bach’s caring attitude makes patients feel welcomed and able to discuss their problems freely. For Dr. James, the patient is responsible for his or her health and deserves respect and time. Each case is unique and deserves to be treated as such, and Dr. James does just that. Not only does this naturopathic physician, coach, trainer and healer  support his patients throughout their journey, but he hears them with an unbiased ear, allowing each individual to maintain their sense of self-respect and dignity.

What Is Dr. Bach’s Approach?

Through Dr. Bach’s philosophy of maintaining a healthy, grateful and positive mindset, combined with appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and beneficial lifestyle choices, he works with individuals multiple times per week. Dr. James requires each individual be responsible for their own success (or other results) as he can only provide the coaching, guidance and leadership necessary to obtain a better sense of peace and harmony within oneself, therefore each patient is empowered with the tools necessary for their success- they just need to put those tools to work. He lays it out for you to play it out.