In addition to helping clients and patients achieve greater health and wellness, Dr James Bach has over 20 years of experience in creating and growing fitness enterprises. Dr. Bach was the Regional Director of Personal Training for Crunch Fitness (Midwest and Southeastern Markets) for nearly 3 years. He was responsible for hiring, developing and mentoring trainers to build their knowledge and client base, resulting in programs that generated over $5 million annually.

Dr. James used the breadth of his knowledge to open a 5000 square foot training facility in the heart of Chicago in 2008 which ran successfully for almost 10 years.  In recent years, he evolved into national-level educator, presenting continuing education courses across the country, fostering the next generation of fitness professionals.

Dr. James has also designed and patented a revolutionary device that will enhance the way people exercise and rehabilitate injuries in the future.

Dr. James’s knowledge of the inner workings of powerful fitness brands and the future of the industry runs deep. If you are looking for ways to level-up the knowledge and skills of your staff, program for your facility, purchase or design the equipment layout for your space- H.E.R.O. Holistic Fitness & Wellness is available to consult.  If you are looking to open your own fitness business or create your personal fitness brand, they can impart knowledge that will allow you to work smart not hard and improve your chances for success.