Dr. James Bach is an athlete. He understands the devastation that comes from experiencing an injury set-back and works to restore patients with injuries using physical rehabilitation techniques, post-traumatic corrective exercises, and natural methods to achieve strong and lasting results.

Dr. James takes an holistic approach. This approach treats pain with natural and physical remedies that heal the body and mind without the negative effects of pharmaceutical products. Additionally, his practice is completely centered around the patient, meaning the treatment is actually based on the patient’s needs and wants. With compassion and all-natural components, Dr. James heals with an approach very different than most modern physicians.

How Can Dr. James Help Sports Injuries?
Sports injuries happen to athletes of all levels and disciplines. While sports injuries are a nuisance and a performance interruption to the athlete, they must be treated with the utmost care to ensure the best course of recovery. When not treated properly, sports injuries can hold the athlete back from further building stability, strength, power and skill. Dr. Bach’s goal is to return the athlete back to their full capacity using proper movement, nutrition, mindset and rest & recovery.

Does Dr. Bach’s Treatment Decrease Pain?
Typical pain management consists of physical therapy often combined with a drug therapy regimen. Unfortunately many injuries will not be resolved without specialized physical challenges provided by a sports injury expert like Dr. James. As a movement therapist and exercise kinesiologist, he uses natural treatments similar to massage, chiropractics or naprapathy that consists of manipulation of the soft tissue complexes and skeletal system to relieve pain and help the patient recover from their injury. Dr. James wants to help patients get back in the game.

How Does Dr. James Handle Treatment of Injuries?
Patients who utilize sports injury treatment from Dr. James benefit from a cutting-edge leader and an all-natural program that will both address the injury and help the patient heal in a balanced way so as to not develop compensation patterns or imbalances in the body. Since Dr. James understands how devastating it can be for an individual to experience an injury, he works alongside the patient during recovery while continuing to rebuild their body. He forgoes expensive chemical treatments to allow a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. Once the treatment for the injury is completed, Dr. James will continue to aid in performance enhancement training and conditioning to further advance the patient in improving their abilities. With this post-treatment work, Dr. James educates patients on post-rehab care while  teaching movements and skills that can prevent future injuries.

Back Pain Q & A

How Is Back Pain Addressed?

For many patients, back pain can be debilitating. For others, it is just a nuisance that prevents a person from doing everything he or she would normally do without discomfort. Unfortunately, the root of the problem is not always easily detectable. Typically, pain management is implemented without the condition truly being addressed. However, Dr. James targets the muscles and other soft tissue structures prone to trauma in the back through a process that is part acupressure, part trigger-point release, part energy cleansing, part massage, part PNF stretching, and part muscle facilitation techniques that come together as a unique specialty that only Dr. James provides.

How Is Dr. James Different?

Dr. Bach’s caring attitude makes patients feel welcomed and able to discuss their problems freely. By studying each patient’s gate and movement patterns, Dr. James identifies flaws and imbalances in movement that contribute to pain in the body. Dr. James then designs movement protocols for each patient that will eliminate the imbalance and encourage optimal health. For Dr. James, the patient is responsible for his or her health and deserves respect and time. Each case is unique and deserves to be treated as such, and Dr. James does just that. Not only does the naturopathic physician in Chicago have the ability to use body adjustments to reduce pain and increase mobility, but he also utilizes movement therapy techniques  and  energetic balancing techniques to help restore full functionality.

What Is Dr. Bach’s Approach?

Through Dr. Bach’s understanding of nutrition and proper movement, patients can reduce body fat and increase lean muscle, which will contribute to a reduction of body discomfort. While also using breath and proper exercise techniques, individuals can significantly decrease pain. Dr. James tailors treatment plans to the specific needs of the patient so that each patient receives customized care using natural treatment methods that work with the body for lasting results. The goal is to help patients naturally improve their quality of life.

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