the bioDensity System for Bones and Blood

bioDensity is a safe and controlled approach offering the benefits of high resistance activity without the risk of heavy lifting, jumping or impact. Regular use of the bioDensity improves the fundamental structures of the body which are the building blocks of movement and function for increased quality of life.

Studies have shown that once-weekly, bioDensity sessions can improve bone density to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia, as well as improving lipids and blood sugar (A1C) measurements in type 2 diabetics. Muscular strength, power, metabolism and respiratory function all improve through use of the bioDensity program.

Your initial bioDensity session will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. All sessions can be completed in street clothes (flat soled shoes are recommended). Subsequent sessions are typically shorter in duration.

The bioDensity program alone is very affordable and can be performed independent of other services offered so don’t hesitate- email Dr. Bach and schedule your bioDensity appointment today!